Muy interesante!! The Just Plain Folks Music Awards 2015

Les recomendamos ampliamente unirse a la comunidad JustPlainFolks, para poder participar en los premios de música independiente más grandes del mundo, con más de 90 categorías para todo tipo de géneros musicales, incluyendo Música de Cámara, y Música Experimental… En su última edición en 2009 participaron más de 560,000 canciones, y 42,000 álbumes… Ahora está abierta la convocatoria de la edición 2015, donde puede participar cualquier producción fonográfica publicada de 2010 a la fecha. Es gratis, sólo hay que darse de alta, en
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“JPF es una comunidad de más de 51,000 integrantes, en más de 160 países, dirigida a músicos, agrupaciones, compositores, intérpretes, disqueras, periodistas, estudios e ingenieros, instituciones, vendedores de música, y profesionales de la música en general, creada para proveer una red de cooperación e inclusión para músicos.” Escribe Brian Whitney, director de JPF.
Aquí la info que ofrecen:

2015 Just Plain Folks Music Awards:
We want your music! If you still have CD’s of your stuff and haven’t sent them to us, please send us a copy for the next Just Plain Folks Music Awards! As always, this is free to do. We give out awards for both Albums and Songs. We do not currently have a digital entry process, so send the CD or a CDR with your songs on it.
Send a copy, with all your contact info including social media, phone numbers, email and mailing address (in case you win something) to:
Just Plain Folks Music Awards
5327 Kit Dr.
Indianapolis, IN
46237 USA
Note: Please do not send anything with a signature required!
And if you have musician friends, please welcome them to enter as well. Just have them sign up via our home page so we can contact them via this newsletter.
Publishers, Labels & Reps big and small are welcome to submit your rosters to us directly!
Please make sure all the songwriter credits are included in the liner notes or on a sheet of paper if needed along with your entry. ALL Genres and ALL levels of people are welcome to enter, we recognized 100 different genres of music last time around from 167 countries!
If you have questions, please contact me (Brian) at:
Anything released from 2010-2015 (up until the deadline) is eligible!
Note: A final deadline has not been set. We try to give folks as much time as possible to get their music to us. But PLEASE, if you have music from 2010-2014 already sitting around, SEND IT NOW and don’t wait for a deadline. Our hope is that we’ll transition to mostly 2015 releases as we go forward and there’s no reason not to go ahead and send your stuff now.