1. Reflections 9:00
  2. Broken China 8:05
  3. Nĭkătwĭn 7:55
  4. Wedding Dance 8:30
  5. Rhythmic Rites 8:45

Total duration. 42:15


Esther Lamneck. Tárogató

Alejandro Colavita. Electronic fixed media

  • Esther Lamneck. Tárogató
  • Alejandro Colavita. Electronic fixed media and production
  • Recorded at IMCOMUSIC, Mexico city
  • Juan Pablo Betancourt. Graphic design

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    Esther Lamneck / Alejandro Colavita – Tárogató Reflections

    Artist : ,
    Title : Reflections
    Release Date : 10/07/2023
    Label :
    Catalog ref. : 0.24
    Format : CD

    Tárogató Reflections is the second collaborative album with tárogató performer, and composer, Esther Lamneck and composer and sound designer Alejandro Colavita. This musical journey highlights reverberations of cross culture, indigenous and native musics, allows Ms. Lamneck to stretch the sonic horizons of the tárogató. Alejandro Colavita has created electronic scores utilizing sounds which include not only the tárogató, but also a variety of culturally diverse ethnic percussion such as tabla (Mempranophone, leather), teponaztli (idiophone, wood), cymbals (idiophones, metal), acoustic and electronic drums.

    The development of shared works requires a like minded communication between artists and this communication is one that Esther Lamneck and Alejandro Colavita have shared since their first meeting some years ago. This shared aesthetic allows them to fluently understand the language in which they are working and to bring artistic works to fruition.

    During the collaboration of this album, the artists have taken turns in creating material and sharing it with one another. In several of the works Mr. Colavita has designed the electronic scores and sent them to Ms. Lamneck to then create the tárogató part. In other works, she has created the tárogató part first and Mr. Colavita has subsequently designed the sonic environment for the work.

    Tárogató Reflections is very different from their first collaborative album, Trasfigurazioni in which the beautiful and haunting sound of the tárogató permeates the series of short programatic pieces.
    There are five compositions presented in this album. While each work stands alone as its own concert piece, there is a cohesive coloristic sonic quality which permeates the body of work.

    Reflections is rich with plaintive melodies and gestures, interacting with the score using mutating colors and rhythms.

    Broken China introduces the color palette and sense of spaceless time 
    which spans the album. Using glissandi, pitch bends and microtones it provides the tárogató with freedom to intertwine with this flavorful electronic score.
    Nĭkătwĭn, (one), is one of the few surviving words from the Nansemond tribe of which Ms. Lamneck’s grandfather was a member.  “Although I never had the privilege to meet my maternal grandfather, his heritage as a native American Indian has greatly influenced my life and work. There is a striking simplicity in the music I have listened to from this area, I have tried to reflect that in my style of playing the tárogató for this work”. Alejandro’s naturalistic setting for this piece is so apt – pensive, thoughtful, peaceful.
    In contrast, Wedding Dance is an upbeat work which features several traditional Hungarian folk melodies in a rhythmical and unexpected score setting.
    Rhythmic Rites features Mr. Colavita’s use of percussion and horns in a backdrop of interchanging rhythms and colors engaging the tárogató in this concluding dance.

    Esther Lamneck,
    Clarinet and Tárogató

    The New York Times calls Esther Lamneck, “an astonishing virtuoso”. She has appeared as a soloist with major orchestras, with conductors such as Pierre Boulez, with renowned chamber music artists and an international roster of musicians from the new music improvisation scene. A versatile performer and an advocate of contemporary music, she is known for her work with electronic media including interactive arts, movement, dance and improvisation. Dr. Lamneck served for more than three decades, as full professor and artistic director of the NYUNME at NYU, Steinhardt. She makes frequent solo appearances on clarinet and the tárogató at music festivals worldwide. Many of her solo and Duo CDs feature improvisation and electronic music and include “Cigar Smoke”; “ Tárogató ”; “Winds Of The Heart”; “Genoa Sound Cards”; “Stato Liquido”; “Trasfigurzioni”; “Sky Rings”; “Small Parts of a Garden” , etc. Computer Music Journal calls her “The consummate improvisor.” New York Music Daily, “Surrealistically Captivating..”; “Esther Lamneck has fascinating chops and ideas”; “È eccezionale la microtonale ricchezza di suono del tárogató” [“the microtonal richness of the sound of the tárogató is exceptional’] Musica Jazz. 

    Alejandro Colavita,
    Composer and producer

    A prolific composer who has created works for solo instruments, chamber music, experimental works, improvisation, electronic media, rock, film and dance music. He collaborates with musicians from many different cultures and countries outside of Mexico. He has produced more than 30 records, both, of his music and that of other composers, performers and ensembles. Is co-founder and director of Cero Records and has published some of his music under this label. ( Occasionally works as sound designer for film, both documentary and fiction. He is currently director and professor at IMCOMUSIC, Music school in Mexico City where he teaches musical analysis, history of western music and musical theory.