• 1 AI Phantasy 9:59 – Panayiotis Kokoras
  • 2 Due to a Reported Emergency Would All Passengers Leave the Station Immediately 3:22 – Sze Ying Chan
  • 3 syn 10:21 – Robert McClure
  • 4 Premonitions, Landscape at Twilight 13:34 – Andres Luz
  • 5 Voces I-II-III-IV-CODA (Documental Electroacústico) 8:36 – Leandro Ariel Mantiñán
  • 6 ReComposed 2.8 Plus 8:06 – Luigi Morleo
  • 7 Cut Voice 3:00 – Lea Tania Lo Cicero
  • 8 Shomo 7:32 – Diego Ratto
  • 9 Tafail [تفاعيل] 8:15 – Wajdi Abou Diab
  • 10 Pond Sediment 4:24 – Mark Ferguson

Panayiotis Kokoras

Kokoras is an internationally award-winning composer and computer music innovator, and Professor of composition and CEMI director at the University of North Texas. Hailing from Greece, he underwent formal training in classical guitar and composition in Athens, Greece, and later in York, England. He taught for many years at Aristotle University in Thessaloniki. Kokoras’s sound compositions use sound as the only structural unit. His concept of “holophonic musical texture” describes his goal that each independent sound (phonos), contributes equally into the synthesis of the total (holos).

Sze Ying Chan

Sze Ying Chan is a Hong Kong born composer based in London. During Chan’s studies at the Royal College of Music Chan she has her theatre piece The Lover Cat (2019) premiered as part of the Great Exhibitionists Series’ performances in Britten Theatre, Royal College of Music. She wrote and recorded a collection of piano music Moments: Set 1 in 2020. Chan’s choral setting of the British poet Roger McGough’s poem Poetry Pie, Poetry Pie (2020), is recorded by Hi-Lo Singers and her latest work Fruit of the Earth (2021) for Chamber Orchestra is premiered and recorded by the London Contemporary Chamber Orchestra in 2022.

Robert McClure

Robert McClure’s music attempts to discover beauty in unconventional places using non-traditional means. His work has been featured at festivals including NYCEMF, Beijing Modern Music Festival, ISCM, TIES, SEAMUS, and ICMC. His works may be found through  ADJ·ective New Music, Bachovich Music Publications, Resolute Music Publications, and Tapspace Publications as well as on ABLAZE, Albany, and New Focus Record labels. Robert received his doctorate from Rice University’s Shepherd School of Music. Robert has previously held positions at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music and Soochow University in Suzhou, China. He serves as Associate Professor of Composition/Theory at Ohio University.

Andres Luz

Andres Luz studied with Jeffrey Miller at California State University, East Bay (B.A. Music, magna cum laude, 2013) and took private lessons in electroacoustic music with Ian Dicke. In 2014, he pursued graduate studies at the University of Redlands and at the University of Georgia studying with Adrian Childs, Peter Van Zandt Lane, and Emily Koh. Dr. Luz has served as Visiting Assistant Professor of Theory and Electronic Music at the University of Redlands and is a member of ASCAP, SEAMUS, Millennium Composers Initiative, and Society of Composers, Inc., and published by Murphy Music Press and Post-Classical Music.

Leandro Ariel Mantiñán

Composer, Bachelor of Arts and Professor of Percussion. He has more than seventy symphonic and chamber works, obtaining several awards and mentions. Co-founder of BA-CIC (Bahía Actual, Centro de Interpretación y Creación) of the Universidad Nacional del Sur, destined to the diffusion of contemporary music. Some of his works have been premiered in Argentina, Switzerland, Brazil and Colombia and broadcasted on radios in France, Spain, Romania, the Netherlands and Korea. He is currently Principal Timpani Soloist in the Bahia Blanca Provincial Symphony Orchestra and Professor of Chamber Music and Percussion at the Bahia Blanca Conservatory.

Luigi Morleo

Luigi Morleo is an Italian percussionist and composer of contemporary music, who lives in Bari and teaches at the Niccolò Piccinni Conservatory. He uses varied musical and artistic styles like minimalism, rock-cross-over, folk-Pop, jazz, electronica and DJ. Many of his works have been played by the Maracaibo Symphony Orchestra-Venezuela, Rome and the Lazio Orchestra-ITALY, Clermont-Ferrand Conservatoire Orchestre-France, Denver Young Artists Orchestra-USA, Orchestra Sinfonica Metropolitana di Bari-ITALY, Halleiner KammerOrchester-Austria, PASIC (Percussive Arts Society) in Nashville-USA, Federation Bells of Melbourne-Australia, New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival-USA, Festival MUSLAB-Mexico, Festival Futura Electronic-France, Jasmin Vardimon Company from Ashford-UK, Festival Atemporanea in Argentina.

Lea Tania Lo Cicero

Singer, improviser and composer, Lea Tania Lo Cicero develops her research work around the voice in the form of compositions, sound installations and concerts. Her mode of experimentation touches on both abstract language and fragments of shared memory, while bringing into play the plasticity of melodic narrative and an extreme approach to the voice.

Diego Ratto

Diego Ratto is a composer residing in Los Angeles, holding a BMus in jazz guitar (2016) and electronic music (2017) from the Music Conservatory “A.Vivaldi” (Alessandria, Italy). He earned a MM in electroacoustic composition from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm (Sweden) in 2019. He is currently a PhD candidate and Associate Instructor in music composition at the University of California Santa Barbara. He’s awarded: ULJUS ’23, Corwin Award ’23, Prix Russolo ’22, Golden Lala ’20, Sound of Silences ’20, Musicworks Mag. ’20, Wocmat ’18 Phil Winsor Prize, Rimusicazioni Film Fest ’18, Prix CIME ’17 – ICEM, EFME ’16.

Wajdi Abou Diab

Wajdi Samir Abou Diab, an artistic visionary hailing from Lebanon, draws inspiration from his dual cultural background in Arabic Levantine and Western classical music. born in Lebanon in 1991 and graduated from the Lebanese National Higher Conservatory of Music (LNHCM) in Piano and Music Composition, and currently pursuing his Master’s degree in “Musicology of tradition” in the Antonin University. He has been recognized by the international music community through numerous accolades from several competitions, as well as receiving honorable mentions and being selected for various calls for scores.

Mark Ferguson

Mark Ferguson is a wildlife sound recordist and sound artist, with over 15 years of combined field and studio experience. His work explores the unique and intricate sonic detail of the natural world, with an emphasis on species conservation. Mark’s award-winnning work has been broadcast by the BBC, mentioned by the Guardian, and performed in leading arts and cultural venues worldwide.


Producción del Fonograma y Masterización: Andrés De Robina – Cero Records

Curaduría: Pedro Castillo Lara – MUSLAB

Diseño Gráfico: Juan Pablo Betancourt

Fotografías: Manolo Cocho

Cero Records. Derechos Reservados. 2023


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    MUSLAB -Planeta Complejo- Vol. 4

    Artist :
    Title : MUSLAB -Planeta Complejo- Vol. 4
    Release Date : 12/01/2024
    Label :
    Format : Digital Download

    La producción Fonográfica MUSLAB – Planeta Complejo, es una selección de piezas sonoras de la Muestra Internacional de Música Electroacústica MUSLAB, que tiene el objetivo de reunir y difundir la creación y exploración sonora de artistas de diferentes países del mundo, e impulsar el proceso creativo y de comunicación artístico contemporáneo, para acercar a nuevos públicos a la creación sonora contemporánea, dar acceso a los artistas a nuevos foros de representación y crear una red de comunicación internacional por medio del desarrollo diferentes actividades culturales, formaciones en nuevas tecnologías y conciertos de arte sonoro.

    MUSLAB – Planeta Complejo – Vol. 1·2·3·4 presenta diferentes obras sonoras audiovisuales y fotográficas realizadas por creadores de todo el mundo mediante las cuales se analizan nuestras diferentes identidades culturales a través de una relación de procesos sociales endémicos y de globalización. Un estudio social donde la identidad cultural es vista desde el arte contemporáneo. La propuesta parte del hecho de que una característica fundamental que posibilita la evolución en la naturaleza es la diversidad, ya que si hay diversidad, hay posibilidades de intercambio genético y de mutación por lo tanto de adaptación a un entorno cambiante este fenómeno se refleja en contextos tanto biológicos como también sociales y culturales. Así la diversidad garantiza la evolución y la adaptabilidad de ahí la importancia de la identidad cultural y los aspectos endémicos frente a los globales.

    MUSLAB -Planeta Complejo-

    The Phonographic production MUSLAB – Planeta Complejo, is a selection of sound pieces from the MUSLAB exhibition. MUSLAB is an International Electroacoustic Music Exhibition that aims to bring together and disseminate the creation and sound exploration of artists from different countries around the world, promote the creative process and contemporary artistic communication, to bring new audiences closer to contemporary sound creation, and create an international community network through the development of different cultural activities, training in new technologies and sound art concerts.

    MUSLAB – Planeta Complejo, presents a selection of sound pieces, audiovisual and photographic works made by creators from all over the world, through which our different cultural identities are analyzed through a relationship of endemic social processes and globalization. A social study where cultural identity is seen from contemporary art. The proposal is based on the fact that a fundamental characteristic that enables evolution in nature is diversity, since if there is diversity, there are possibilities of genetic exchange and mutation, therefore, adaptation to a changing environment, this phenomenon is reflected in contexts. both biological and also social and cultural. Thus, diversity guarantees evolution and adaptability, hence the importance of cultural identity and endemic aspects compared to global ones.

    AI Phantasy – Panayiotis Kokoras

    In AI Phantasy I used a vacuum cleaner to set into vibration various membranes and other probs at the end of the suction tube, which I then modulated with my hands following the Fab Synthesis paradigm. In addition, I developed a series of circular pan flute kind of sound generators which could rotate electromechanically at variable speeds. The word Phantasy refers to a phantasy with “Ph” as a state of mind of an infant child during the early stages of development. On the other hand, Fantasy (with “F”) is a reverie, a daydream, an imagined unreality that anyone can create.

    Due to a Reported Emergency Would All Passengers Leave the Station Immediately – Sze Ying Chan

    Based on a recording I made in Green Park station. Green Park station is a busy London Underground station. It consists of 2 side connected by a tunnel. One day when I was heading to my choir rehearsal, the station was extra busy and had become overcrowded. An announcement was broadcasted to evacuate the passengers. At the time I thought something more serious had happened and as I made my way through the long and packed tunnel I decided to record my journey to the exit of the station. The more I listen to the recording, the more interesting sounds my ears picked up and I decided to orchestrate the interesting moments using additional recorded violin and flute sounds.

    syn – Robert McClure

    syn (2021) is four short movements centered on an imagined future  world where synthetic beings have become the prevalent species. Digital has become the new religion. Any yearning for the distant past organic way of life is shut down. The work follows a synthetic being, SB-1021, and their “sins” against this new culture such as stopping progress in the machine of production (i. corpora), imagination (ii. intima), and developing self-expression (iii. loquere) before their eventual punishment and termination (iv. viscera) as they are torn apart from the inside out.

    Premonitions, Landscape at Twilight – Andres Luz

    Premonitions, Landscape at Twilight is based upon Salvador Dalí’s pastoral, Spider of the Evening (1940). In this work we see the painter’s signature depiction of misshaped figures: a stretched female nude, a molten cello, and a softened airplane; each of which have lost their familiar rigidity, existing beyond the boundaries of conscious reality. The painting is a visual allegory of the European theater in WW2 created at a time when the bulk of the terror, tragedy, and destruction yet had to unfold to affect untold millions. This work is a manifestation in sound of this painting.

    Voces I-II-III-IV-CODA (Documental Electroacústico) – Leandro Ariel Mantiñán

    With resources such as quotation, deconstruction, resignification and appropriation of indigenous and folkloric fragments, the work tries to give voice to those who are not heard, to the nameless, to navigate and venture into, as Yupanqui said, the “legion of the anonymous”. That legion that hides our roots and that modernity often makes us overlook. The present work is a sound documentary that, through its five parts, makes visible the problem of our cultural identity, asks who we are, where we come from, humbly paying homage to those who stepped on these lands before us.

    ReComposed 2.8 Plus – Luigi Morleo

    ReComposed 2.8 plus is a new work of the album by Luigi Morleo of the title NO BORDER TheaterDance which is a work produced for many shows of the theater and dance. In this work Morleo have combined different fragment of old and new his works and recomposed in a new soundscape.

    Cut Voice – Lea Tania Lo Cicero

    Cut Voice is a piece composed around the painting ”La Decollazione di San Giovanni Battista” by Caravaggio. This piece is realized with my voice through improvised sessions to be reworked through cuts, repetitions, superimpositions and shifts. This composition is a commissioned piece.

    Shomo – Diego Ratto

    What people say is not always what they think, people act to exist in the society, to live a life that follows certain rules. Occasionally, particular events bring us outside our routine in which we are constantly immersed, almost to the point of drowning. Some thoughts emerge like interferences in our mind-set creating different patterns in our steady life, that force us to stop and reflect, in a moment of reconnection with ourselves, as human being and part of the nature. How magical and refreshing is the place where it is allowed to reconcile with our body and mind?!

    Tafail [تفاعيل] – Wajdi Abou Diab

    TAFAIL (تفاعيل) is a piece for piano and tape, based on the sixteen vertical axes of Arabic poetry, translating their subdivisions into music, deeply examining the rhythm of weighted Arabic poetry, and the division of poetic verses, and linking the classical Arabic language with classical Arabic music by modeling poetry subdivisions in Arabic musical phrase, and introduces the piano as a contemporary Arabic instrument. In the recorded Tape, we can listen to poetic, melodic, or spoken phrases, as well as recordings of Arabic instruments and electronics, in an attempt to adapt contemporary music to serve Arabic musical ideas.

    Pond Sediment – Mark Ferguson

    An environmental cross-section of pond sediment, providing a composed perspective from a chosen depth of 1.24m. Here, along the lower edges of the shallows, curious tadpoles investigate our ‘microphone’. Small rocks move and jostle together, shifted by invisible currents. Water mint gently bubbles as it photosynthesises. A single female mallard (Anas platyrhynchos) calls from the surface. Everything here is in delicate transition, barely noticed. An imploding bubble ends our reverie.